What is the Alkem Foundation and it's mission?
Please read the mission statement.

Can I become a sponsored member?
We are always looking to meet and assist those that feel Alkem can help. Feel free to look over or mission statement and contact us at info@alkem.org.

Do you give grants to artists and visionaries?
Yes, grants of free web space on our server as well as technical advice.

How much web space?
We do not have a default amount of space but work with the artist to determine what resources they will need. This includes Web space as well as technical options resources and design.

How do I apply or show you what I'm working on?
If you want to put some things together for a portfolio of your work, the grant committee can take a look and discuss with you what your goals and needs are. The first requirement is that you have sole ownership of your content. Alkem does not support or nor provide space for pirated material.

How does this grant work?
The grant committee is currently the Board of Directors. We review your work based on guidelines outlined in our mission statement. If we feel that your work and goals reflect the Mission of The Alkem Foundation then we will create web space for you, which you can use to create your site. We also offer domain hosting for the artists so that if you have licensed a domain name like DCartists.com, net, etc, then we can point it to your web space on Alkem.org

How is Alkem funded?
Alkem is currently privately funded through donations or time and money.

Read about Alkem's capabilities for web hosting and other online services.
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